Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness October News!

Classes are in full swing and there are a few (very few) that have less than 4. Our Wednesday night classes and our Saturday morning classes are a little light. We must have 4 in a class to make it a go! Next week is “Bring a friend” week. Ask a friend who is currently not enrolled in another school and invite them to come and take a class with you! If your class is full, we can always recommend one of our smaller classes for your friend to take!

If any of your friends sign up that are not previous students and stay for the year and perform in the recital you will get 2 complementary tickets to the recital!

Any students joining after December 10th will not be in our Cinderella production. Once costumes have been ordered that will be the cut off. We will have some new classes starting in January that will be 6 week sessions for those who are joining later in the year.

Fundraising is totally optional and a lot of fun!!

We are selling around the city Save a Round books! You can apply $5.00 for each book sold to your costume deposits!

We will be getting candy bars in the next few weeks!



Welcome to another fun filled school year with Patty Flowerday School of Dance! On behalf of Patty Flowerday, we thank you for choosing us for yours child’s dedication to dance. The past 3 years the school has done fundraising to offset tuition, costumes, and competition cost. This year we are offering the same and have chosen Thirty One Gifts to partner with. The fundraiser starts October 1st and ENDS November 13th. There will be two ways of ordering. One way is to strictly use the online link and the other is to take orders using an order form. If you are done selling before November 13th, please hand in your order forms to Miss Patty or you can place orders online as needed. Please ask your family, friends, neighbors, co-works and fellow friends for their support. All orders will be placed on November 16th and will arrive 10-15 days after. Just In time for the holidays! There are lots of gifts under $30 for all occasions. All orders will be shipped to the consultant (Kristen Lopez) and will be bagged up and delivered to the school for you to pick up. Miss Patty will hand out to the parents a bag with your child's name on it. If you choose to host a party within the school year, portion of your sales will go towards Patty Flowerday School of Dance as well.

Your online party link is HERE. Please have your family and friends use this link to order. If they prefer not to order online, they may use an order form.

Your party name is: Patty Flowerday School of dance

Please read the following as they are important to the selling process.

  • Not all items come in every pattern. Please go to page 30 in the catalog to see the prints available for each product.
  • There is a NEW jewelry line JK by Thirty-One on page 45, check it out.
  • There Is a NEW LEAK LOCK thermal called the Family Fun Thermal.
  • Customers have a 90 day return policy from when the order was submitted. PLEASE NOTE any personalization items can only be returned if the product is damaged but for the same item and same personalization.
  • Please fill out ALL customer information (name, address, phone number and email address) as this is important to their order in case any problems arise.
  • Out of STATE customers can get shipping to them for an additional $4 (add this after the delivery charge)
  • Payments can be made via; CASH, CREDIT CARD, CHECKS (made payable to Kristen Lopez) PLEASE FOLLOW THE PERSONALIZATION GUIDELINES ON PAGE 50. After the product name it will show a {P} if it can be personalized or an ICON-IT can be added. Personalization is $7 (name, phrase, or initials) see page 50 and 51 ICON-IT $10 with text or just the ICON-IT $7. See page 52
  • The CUSTOMER SPECIAL during the time of the fundraiser is for every $35 spent you may purchase one of the following: The NEW SOFT UTILITY TOTE for $20 or ZIPPER POUCH for $5
  • If you feel more comfortable placing an order with me your consultant Kristen Lopez please do so. I want to make this shopping experience fun and easy for everyone. You can reach me at (585)-233-2839 or email me at

Please keep your catalog :) Thank you,

Just a reminder that tuition is due before the 1st of the month. Costume deposits are due November 2nd. This year your costume fees will include tights and accessories.

There are a few days that Miss Patty will have a sub as she has 5 weeks of Grand Jury Duty starting October 21st. No classes will be cancelled due to this obligation.