Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness  

January News

Welcome to a new year here is hoping 2015 is going to be the best yet!

We have LOTS of exciting things happening! Welcome to all of our new students starting this month!  Our open enrollment is coming to a close and we only have a few spaces left in a few of our classes! 

Thursday 5&6 year olds 5:00-5:50

Saturday 3&4 year olds 9:30-10:20 and 11:00-11:50

Tuesday 7&8 year olds 4:30-6:00

Saturday 7&8 year olds 10:30-12:00

Adult Ballet Mondays 7:00-8:00 (will always be open)

The shows have been divided!  Sisters are all in the same shows!  If you are a lead or a teen, you are in both shows!  Below is the breakdown.

Saturday June 20th 

1:00 Show                                                                         5:00 Show

Monday 4:30-5:20        “Let it Go”                                  Thursday 5:00-5:50

Wednesday 5:00-5:50  “Apples”                                    Monday 6:00-6:50 

Saturday 9:30-10:20    “Bluebirds”                                  Saturday 11:00-11:50

Saturday 10:30-12:00    Ballet, Tap, Jazz                        Tuesday 4:30-6:00

Thursday Pre Teens      Ballet,Tap,Jazz,Hip Hop             Friday Pre Teens

Tuesday Pre Teen         Ballet

Monday Teens               Ballet,Tap,Jazz,Lyrical               Monday Teens

Thursday Teens             Hip Hop                                     Thursday Teens

Friday Teens                  Lyrical,Tap,Hip Hop                   Friday Teens

All Contact Improv                                                   All Contact Improv

If anyone has a business that would like to sponsor our show, we are selling advertisement space in our program.  $25.00 for a 1/3 page, $$50.00 for a 1/2 page or $100.00 for a full page.  Business ads are due by May 1st.

Costumes will be ordered by January 14th. If you have not paid your deposit a costume will not be ordered for your child.  There will not be a guarantee we can get a costume ordered after this date that would arrive on time, and if we can get a costume ordered after this date,  you will be responsible for extra shipping and fees.  Costume balances will be due by February 1st! You will be receiving a bill for the balance due soon!

Dance Masters of America Workshop at the Hyatt Downtown on Sunday March 15th.  You have to attend this workshop in order to compete April 10th-12th in Syracuse.  Competition payments will be due soon! Watch for that deadline!

We will be open on January 19th!

We will follow Penfield School District for weather related closings!

Summer Camps will be announced next month and we will start taking registrations for our summer camps!  We are already getting phone calls! Current students will have first choice!

Coming this Summer:
Frozen in July

Royal & Regal Princess & Prince Camp

Flower Fairy Dance Camp

Isabelle American Girl Ballet Camp

Frozen II

Mixed Bag~A variety of Dance Styles

Update on Miss Becky!

Miss Becky is getting stronger every day!  The nerve blocks are helping and we hope to see her back at the studio as soon as she is able!  In the meantime thanks to Miss Michelle, Miss Sara, Miss Marcia & Miss Tanessa for taking over her classes.


Miss Patty is having a Tastefully Simple party January 24th.  Let her know if you would like to order or book a party!

Thank you for all of your kind and generous teacher gifts!  They truly were touching and we are all so thankful to have the opportunity to share our love and knowledge of dance with your children!


Happy New Year!


Miss Patty

Miss Becky

Miss Michelle

Miss Lisa

Miss Marcia

Miss Sara

Miss Tanessa