March News!

Spring is really just around the corner and we made it through one of the coldest months on record! We are swinging into high gear getting ready for our “Snow White and the Seven Dancers” show. Costumes are starting to arrive! They will be sent home when they are paid in full! There are a few that are back ordered and there is some kind of airport strike going on that may or may not affect delivery. I will keep you posted!

You will receive your costume in a bag on a hanger with recital instructions!  Please keep your costume in a safe place and allow it to hang so that the wrinkles can fall out!

We have booked our picture dates! They will be May 18th & 19th. Please, no parents in the picture rooms while the photographer is trying to do his job. Last year it took longer than scheduled as the little dancers kept looking over to their mom instead of looking at the camera!

You will get a schedule April 1st for that! Please save those dates! Tickets for our show go on sale May 1st! They will be sold online, reserved seating. Tickets are $10.00 plus a service fee. You will receive a link to that in April also.

We will rehearse our shows in order June 1st -June 5th at the studio. There will not be regular classes that week, just rehearsals. Your dancer will get 2 times to come and it will be for just 45 minutes-an hour. (Unless you are a lead. Then you need to come every night.) We are asking you to drop off and pick up as there will be several classes arriving and leaving at the same time. You will receive those times in May.

We are looking for businesses to place advertisements in the program.Business size ads are $25.00 Half Page $50.00 and Full Page $100.00.  

We are getting recital tee shirts. The dancers names are on the back. Please stop by the desk and check for spelling. Also we need tight sizes this week and hip hop sneaker sizes too! Please leave your tee shirt size at the desk. We will be performing a Flashmob around town before our show and we wear our tees when we perform at Seabreeze. Tees are $11.44 with tax. They are grey with white lettering.

Some of our students are competing in Dance Masters of America next month. Some are attending a convention March 15th of Master Classes at the Hyatt Regency Downtown. If any dancers that are not interested in competing are interested in the Master Classes please let me know! Here is a breakdown of the classes.


Ages 6-9 Minis

9:30 Ballet, 10:30 Jazz, 11:30 Tap


Ages 10-12 Juniors

12:30 Jazz, 1:30 Tap, 2:30 Ballet


Ages 13-16 Seniors

12:30 Ballet, 1:30 Jazz, 2:30 Tap


Fees are $43.00


All students competing are pre registered and your money is due this week! Dress code for workshops are: leotards and tights or leggings, proper shoes and hair up and away from the face. You will all receive a number to wear as the teachers watch to give out 3 prizes per class.

We are closed for Spring Break March 29th-April 5th. Competition Teams will rehearse that week during the day. Schedule coming soon! This Sunday March 8th we have a booth at Genesee Valley Parent Camp Fair. We will be opening up our camps to the public! If you are interested in signing up your dancer for a camp you may want to do that this week! A $25.00 deposit will hold your spot!


Summer Camps:

July 13th-17th Frozen In July 9:00-noon ages 3-6 1:00-4:00 ages 7-10

July 20th-24th Regal & Royal Prince & Princess Camp 9:00-noon ages 3-6

July 27th -31st American Girl Ballet Camp 9:00-3:00 ages 7-12

August 3rd-7th Frozen in August 9:00-noon ages 3-6

August 10th-14th Fairies and Ballerinas 9:00-noon

4 weeks of classes July 20th-August 13th