Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness May News

The recital is just around the corner and we are so excited for our dancers! The show is going to be great! Lots of information in the next few weeks so please read read read! Check the boards at the studio, review your costume sheets, hair and make up tips to follow!

Ticket Information!

May 1st tickets go on sale online! This year we have hired out a company to do our tickets as the studio has grown so quickly! The information for tickets is below. Tickets will only be sold online until the day of the show! Then they can be purchased at the door, but it is reserved seating! Make sure you invite lots of friends and family. We don’t charge a recital fee, we pay for our venue with ticket sales, so as long as that works we will not have to charge you the extra fees!

Tickets go on sale THIS Friday May 1st!
You can Go online to our ticketing page at,
Call our toll free call center at 855.222.2849
Soon you can purchase on Facebook too! You can only purchase tickets online except for the day of the show.
Then you can purchase them at the door!

Pictures are May 18th & 19th the schedule is as follows!

My apologies to the teens who wanted their pictures on Monday, their dance day. Some of the pre teens have a concert on Tuesday so we had to move them to Monday and I am sure they are thankful! We could not have 40 teens and pre teens here all on one day! Thanks for your flexibility! Everyone please try to come so we can have complete group shots!

Note *There will not be regular classes on these two days!

Monday May 18th

4:30 Miss Kimmie’s Monday 4:30 Class 5:00 Miss Michelle’s Saturday 9:30 Class 5:15 Miss Michelle’s Saturday 10:30 Class 5:30 Miss Patty’s Thursday 5:00 Class 6:00 Miss Patty’s Monday 6:00 Class

6:30 Miss Lisa’s Saturday 11:00 Class
7:00 Thurs PreTeen Tap B.E.A.T.S./Friday PreTeen Tap Walker
7:30 Thurs PreTeen Jazz Girl Party/Friday PreTeen Jazz I Believe in Love 8:00 Thurs PreTeen HipHop Problem/Friday PreTeen HipHop Shake It Off 8:30 Thurs Pre Teen Ballet Miss Marcia/Friday PreTeen Ballet Gift of a Friend 8:45 Pre Teen Contact Improv Miss Tanessa

Tuesday May 19th

4:30 Miss Patty & Miss Marcia Tuesday 4:30 Class 5:00 Miss Patty’s Weds 5:00 Class
5:30 Miss Patty’s Thursday 10:00 Class
6:00 Miss Patty’s Tuesday 6:00 Hip Hop Class Timber 6:30 Tuesday 6:30 Class & Princess Quartet

7:00 Monday Teen Ballet & Leah & Sophia
7:30 Teen Jazz The Time & Teen Hip Hop How You Get The Girl 8:00 Teen Hip Hop Wonderland & Teen Tap Shattered
8:15 Monday & Friday Teen Lyrical
8:30 Teen Tap Mirror & Teen Contact Improv
8:45 Solos


The last rounds getting shipped May 1st! Sneakers are ordered from those of you that I had sizes for. Tights are in and should be paid for and picked up BEFORE pictures. There will be enough going on that day. Please pick up your tights ahead!

Seabreeze Saturday May 23rd performance at 5:30-6:30

We will have tickets for our dancers for our “Seabreeze Dancing Days”. Each dancer is free and friends and family are $18.00. Each class will perform 1 group piece. We will wear our recital tees or if you choose not to purchase one, a grey tee shirt and black shorts, pants or capris. Shorts must be to mid thigh. We don’t wear costumes as we don’t want to damage them or get them dirty before our show. This is a super fun day! Friends and family can go online to and enter the promo code 1509 to get your discounted tickets!

Recital Tees

Recital tees have been ordered and should be here soon. We will hand out those who have pre ordered first and then we will have a few left to sell.

Ads for Program

This is last call for ads for our program. $25.00 for 1/3 page $50.00 for 1/2 page and $100.00 for full page!


The first week of June will be our “run through” days to get the kinks out! Monday 5:00-8:00 1:00 Show Act 2
Tuesday 5:00-8:00 1:00 Show Act 1
Thursday 5:00-8:00 5:00 Show Act 1
Friday 5:00-8:00 5:00 Show Act 2

Leads 4:00-5:00 & 8:00-9:00

You will get specific times next week and we will ask that you drop off and pick up due to the amount of people that will be coming and going. There is a circular driveway that goes around the barn and we will try to have someone directing traffic that day!


Lots of dancers feet have grown and they are needing bigger shoes. Please check for this as when their shoes are too small they don’t want to dance! Also make sure you have the proper shoes and please do not wear your tap shoes out in the parking lot. They track in tar!


We will be placing an order soon!


Summer camps and classes are staring to fill fast. Last year we were full by June. Check out for summer camps and class schedules! Summer is a great time to dance as the warmth is so good for our muscles!


Questions? Concerns?