Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness

June & Recital News!


It is hard to believe that the dance year is almost over! It has been an awesome year working with these dancers! We are so excited for them to show off all their skills they have learned this year!

First off I have to apologize that this letter is late. My mom fell May 30th and has been in critical condition. If anything falls through the cracks I apologize in advance, but I am doing my best to stay focused.


Don’t forget to purchase your tickets ahead and invite friends and family! We do recitals different and we are the only studio that does not charge a recital fee! As long as the ticket sales cover the cost of putting on production, then we will not charge a recital fee!

If you do purchase tickets at the door we are taking CASH only as there is no internet in the school to run our square reader off of! You can go to TuTuTix (click on the blue bar at the top of the website). There is a flier on the website. You can post it or share it with friends and families.

You can catch up on old news here on our website: All previous newsletters are posted there.


I am looking for parent volunteers to help out at recital in our young dancers dressing room. The show will be streamed in there on a smart board and we will have coloring and puzzles for the kiddos to enjoy. Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime dressed and ready to go! Bring them to the dressing room and they will be kept busy there. If your child is in more than 1 number and need help changing please do not enter or exit the auditorium during a number. Please do not exit from the doors close to the stage. There is a finale at the end of the show. After the finale the students will receive their year end gift and be brought back to the dressing room.


The picture schedule is up and you will be receiving a costume sheet with picture times and information. Please make every effort to come!

Don’t forget pictures & rehearsals are at Risen Christ 1000 Moseley Rd. The best way to go is to take Turk Hill to 31 (past the sheep farm) turn right on 31, turn left on 250 and the church is on the left. That way you avoid the village and the train!


Our show will be professionally videotaped by Movie Creations. Order forms should be arriving soon! We do not allow any video taping or photography for the safety of our dancers.

I am hoping everyone will order a video of the show so that we can support our videographer and make it worth his time! We cannot monitor who buys tickets to our show and we don’t want strangers coming in and taking pictures or videos of our dancers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! It is much better watching your child with your eyes, than watching them through the eye of a camera or cell phone.


We still have a few spots (4) in our Princess Camp in June and Frozen Camp (6) in July! They are more than half full! We have space in our Descendants Camp. This is a new camp and runs from 9:00-3:00 with a Friday evening performance at the studio. This is a performing arts camp and will include dancing, skits and singing! We are so excited to be doing this! Ages 6 1/2 and up!

We have 4 weeks of summer classes and the schedule is up on our web! Summer is a great time to dance. Classes are in the evening and we do have air conditioning. You can pay for the month or by the drop in!


Current students may register at pictures for fall classes. You will be getting a recommendation form with class times for fall at pictures. It is always good to sign up early so that you get first choice of your class times.

There will be a registration fee for new students but anyone who danced with us this year is grandfathered in without a registration fee! We will have an open house on August 15th & 16th for new students to register for fall classes. Sign up early to get first choice of your class times as classes do fill fast.


Please check your dancers' shoes. Make sure they fit, are the right color, and are clean!



For the 1:00 Show:

Tuesday 4:00-9:00 (You will get a specific time to be there)

For the 5:00 Show:

Wednesday 4:00-7:00

We will rehearse anything that needs extra rehearsing on Thursday at the studio. We will not be rehearsing on Friday June 17th except for Miss Patty’s Friday morning dancers, you will have class that day!



  • Please no food or drink in the auditorium

  • Find your seat~ushers will help

  • Please do not get up and leave during dance numbers, only between numbers

  • Please do not use the doors by the stage

  • Please keep young children in their seats! Unattended children may be towed at the owners expense.

  • Enthusiastic applause is appreciated. Please no screaming. Be considerate to those around you. Someone behind you or in front of you may be trying to focus on their child.

  • Please take your trash out when you leave. We know where you are sitting!

  • You make take pictures after the show on the stage with your child, but not during the performance.

  • Children may be picked up in their dressing room after the performance. (No dads in the dressing rooms please!)

  • Most important enjoy the day! Our dancers and teachers have worked very hard for this all year!




Picture Schedule is available for picture day on June 13th

*Note pictures and rehearsals will be at Risen Christ Church 1000 Moseley Rd Fairport Even if you do not plan on purchasing photos please show up so that we can have full class pictures for our studio!