Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness
May News

Recital is just a few weeks away! The last box of costumes have arrived and the dancers are working so hard! We will be having parent observation days May 22nd-27th. Parents of 3&4 and 5&6 year olds, with the exception of Miss Michelle’s Saturday 9:30 class, are invited to watch the class. If there are young siblings we ask that they not come that day as too many distractions will not make for a productive class. Recital is such a small part of what we do with our dancers and we wanted to show off their progress!

Have you purchased your tickets?

Tickets are available online at
-Reserved seating only.

Last call for business advertisements and shout outs!


Parents of dancers performing in both shows, please considerer helping out at one of the shows. We have a lot of little ones and need parent volunteers to help out watching them as they will be sitting in the audience. We will also need help with concessions during intermission. Please sign up to help at the desk! We are looking for donations of gift baskets for a raffle instead of our 50/50 raffle this year. We also have some items that need to be wrapped nicely in a basket. If you are good at this please see Miss Patty. Proceeds go towards our scholarship fund!


Will be at Risen Christ Church, 1000 Moseley Rd.
4:30 Show will rehearse Tuesday June 6th from 4:30-8:00.
1:00 Show will rehearse Thursday June 8th 4:30-8:00.
(Young dancers 6 & under will be released by 6:30)
There will be regular classes that week on Monday and Wednesday.
Friday will be for leads or any classes that need extra rehearsal.

Seabreeze Day is June 3rd. The dancers are dancing at 2:30-3:15 behind the bumper cars. Please sign up at the desk by May 15th if your dancer plans on attending. Dancers are free and can enjoy the park after their performance! We will pass out the free tickets the week before. We don’t wear our costumes, we wear our recital tees and black shorts. Parents and friends may purchase their tickets on line at a discounted rate! The link is coming soon...check back here this week.


  • All tickets related to this event are available for unlimited rides (11:00am-9:00pm) and waterpark (12:00pm-6:00pm) on June 3rd. Y
  • our studio will be provided with free "Performer" tickets which can be given to dancers performing for your event, the studio owner and other instructors that will be working during your performance.
  • All other members of your group including non-participating dancers, additional staff, families and friends can purchase tickets online at <> for $19.50 plus tax.
  • To receive this discount, they must click on the link to your studio and enter your unique
    promo code: 2024


  • We will be forming competition teams for those who wish to participate. All those auditioning for a team will have to be signed up for either the 4 week session, the Boot Camp or both. Students will be placed according to ability by our faculty.
  • You do not have to audition for competition classes to take the summer classes or Boot Camp, dance is available to all! We just have some students who want to compete.


Disney in Anaheim

Dance Masters of America is having their convention/competition in Anaheim July 2018. They have family discounts for Disney! The convention hotel is the Marriott Anaheim. Anyone wishing to attend please see Miss Patty. We will be saving a block of rooms in September. This is always a great convention for dancers and competitors. You do not have to compete to go! It also make a great family vacation!


Please make sure your dancer’s shoes are clean and fit properly. Dancers seem to outgrow their shoes in the spring!

Summer & Fall Classes

The summer and fall schedule will be posted May 1st! We are already getting calls for new students but always give our current students first choice of class times! You may register for summer and fall classes starting May 15th.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are already listed on our web page!
New camp this year: “Ballet & Jazz Boot Camp” for ages 7&up!

Other News and Notes

All accounts need to be paid in full by June 5th!

We are a small business and making your payments on time allows us to make ours on time!

Please keep Miss Patty and her husband Tom in prayer on the loss of Tom’s brother Andy and also their dog Eloise.

There will be one more newsletter before recital with very important information!

Picture Schedule
Saturday May 20th
@Risen Christ Church
1000 Moseley Rd (Rte 250)

1:00 Miss Patty’s Friday 9:30 3&4 year class
1:15 Miss Patty, Miss Marcia, Miss Tanessa Tuesday 7&8 year Ballet, Tap & Jazz
4:30 Class
1:30 Miss Patty’s Thursday 5:00 5&6 year class
1:45 Miss Patty’s Tuesday 9-12 Class 6:00-8:00 Tap & Jazz
2:00 Miss Patty’s Friday 9-13 Class 4:30-6:00 Tap & Jazz
2:15 Miss Michelle & Miss Patty Saturday 7&8 10:30 Class Ballet, Tap & Jazz
2:30 Miss Stephanie Friday 9-12 Ballet Class 6:00-6:45
2:45 Miss Michelle & Miss Patty 8-10 year 10:30-12:00 Class Ballet, Tap & Jazz
3:00 Mr Kenney’s Friday Hip Hop 7:00-8:00
3:15 Miss Patty’s Friday 9-12 year Lyrical 8:00-8:30
3:30 Miss Patty’s Saturday 9:30 3&4 year class
3:45 Miss Patty & Miss Marcia’s Tuesday 7:00-9:00 Teen Ballet & Lyrical
3:45 Miss Michelle’s Saturday 5&6 year 9:30 class
4:00 Solos
4:15 Miss Willow’s Monday 4:15 3&4 year class
4:30 Miss Patty’s Monday 4:30 3&4 year class
4:45 Miss Patty & Miss Monica’s Monday 5:40 5&6 year class
5:00 Miss Willow’s Weds 3&4 year class
5:15 Leads
5:30 Miss Patty’s Weds 5:00 5&6 year class
5:45 Miss Tanessa’s 6-8 year Weds Hip Hop class
6:00-8:00 All Teen Groups, Solos, Duets