Patty Flowerday School of Dance

September News

Wow--the summer sure did go fast! We want to take this moment to welcome new students to our studio family and welcome back returning students. We know there are many choices out there, but my staff and I are honored to work with your dancers this year! We are so excited for the original ballet “A Dog for Emily” on January 20th and “Be Our Guest” on June 23rd.

It is very important to stay updated on the news at our studio so please take the time to read your monthly newsletters. Lots of important information is in them. They come electronically, are on our web site (and are archived in the "News" section), and we also have hard copies at the studio on the desk.

Welcome Miss Whitney to our teaching staff.  Welcome back Miss Marcia, Miss Michelle, Miss Monica, Miss Tanessa, Miss Stephanie, Miss Jessica (ZUMBA), Miss Patty and Mr Kenney.

Class Start Dates and Tuition Notes

Classes start the week of the 18th. Tuition is due by the 1st of the month. Starting on October if your tuition is late a $10.00 late fee will be added on to your bill. Your tuition is a yearly fee divided by 10 monthly payments if you start in September.

Parents of young children

You are encouraged to stay and wait in the waiting room for the first class just to make sure your child is comfortable.  Lots of parents drop off and run errands as there is a lot to do around our location. It’s your choice whether you want to stay or go. If you are bringing younger children to wait as well, please keep them out from behind the desk and clean up after them.


Fundraising is totally optional! You can use it for lessons, costumes, or competition fees.

  • Save-Around Books are $25.00 each and $5.00 of that goes towards your dancer.
  • Midland fundraising books (lots of cool stuff) earns you 40% of your sales if we reach our goal! This starts 9/25 and money is due 10/10. If you collect checks the checks must be made out to you and ONE check from you needs to be turned in to the studio with your orders!

Dress Code

This year we are enforcing a dress code. Proper dance attire is as follows:

3&4 year classes and 5&6 year classes

  • leotards
  • tights
  • pink ballet shoes
  • black tap shoes

7&8 year classes- teen


  • leotards
  • tights
  • pink ballet shoes
  • tan tap shoes
  • tan jazz shoes



  • leotards
  • footless or stirrup tights
  • 1/2 shoe canvas lyrical shoes to be purchased from the studio

Hip Hop

  • comfortable
  • modest clothes (especially shorts, no crop tops)
  • sneakers never worn outside


  • leotard
  • tights or leggings and a form fitting tank
  • jazz shoes or lyrical shoes if specified.


  • Pink or tan tights
  • leotard
  • wrap skirt (optional)
  • pink ballet shoes. Split-sole canvas for the teens.

All dancers:

  • hair should be worn up and away from their face.
  • We will have tights for purchase if you forget yours or find that you need an extra pair. They are $10.00 and will be billed to your account.

“A Dog for Emily & Be Our Guest”

Auditions for leads will be held during the first few weeks of classes. Leads should be 12 & up, and enrolled in at least 2 ballet classes per week. If you are chosen for a certain part and are not registered for a certain class you will have to register for that particular class.  If you get a solo, duet, trio, or small group see pricing below.

Solos, Duets, Trios, & Quartets are a half hour in length and payments are due at the beginning of the month. If you miss a lesson you will be credited for the following month. If you do not pay at the beginning of the month you will not get a lesson until you have paid.


  • Solos $20.00 per lesson
  • Duets $12.00 each per lesson
  • Trios $10.00 each per lesson
  • Quartets $9.00 each per lesson

2016/17 Rates

Rates for fall are a yearly fee broken into 10 monthly payments:

  • 1 hour per week $50.00 per month / $500.00 for the year
  • 2 classes per week $70.00 per month / $700.00 for the year
  • 3 classes per week $80.00 per month / $800.00 for the year
  • 4 classes per week $90.00 / $900.00 for the year
  • 5 classes per week $100.00 / $1000.00 for the year
  • every class added on is $10.00 more per month
  • Students starting in October will have the yearly fee divided by 9 monthly payments.

Competition News

Anyone planning on competing this year should attend the Dance Masters Workshop in November. See Miss Patty for details.

Additional Notes

  • Fall Classes Start Monday September 18th.
  • “A Dog for Emily” Ballet January 20th.
  • “Be Our Guest” June 23rd.


  • All monthly fees are due by the 1st of each month.
  • Any payments after the 5th will be subject to a late fee.
  • If your first class of the month falls after the 5th, please pay at the last class of the previous month so that your payment is on time. You can pay the year in advance or 3 months at a time.
  • Any account 2 months in arrears your classes will be suspended until your account is brought up to date.

Looking forward to a fabulous year!

Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness
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