Happy New Year!

January News, 2018

“A Dog for Emily”

Hopefully you caught us on WROC 8 Sunrise last Friday morning! If not you can click on their website and watch the interview or read the article!

Our show is less than 2 weeks away and we are very excited! We have the stage on the day of the show for rehearsal. We will be rehearsing the show in order. This is not a dress rehearsal.

See the schedule below:


Emily, Friends, Shopkeeper, Puppies & Lead Puppy, (Tues 7&8) Shoppers, (Teens) Kittens & Lead Cat (Mon 5&6) Ferrets, (Tues 8&9)


Emily, Friends, Shopkeeper, Snakes, (Fri Teens) Shoppers & Lead Animals, Bunnies, (Tues 5&6) Mice, (Weds 5&6) Turtles, (Weds 7&8) Birds, (Thurs 5&6)


Fish, (Sat 5&6) Frogs & Lead Frog (Sat 10:30 7&8) Hamsters, (Sat 7&8) Crabs (Sat Pre teens)


All of Act II Emily, Fairies & Allergies

Dancers should arrive at 4:30 with hair and make up done. You can put on your costume in the changing room. After you perform you will sit with your class in the auditorium, come back to the changing room for intermission, and watch the second act with your class. We will bring you back for bows and then your parents can pick you up in the dressing room.

The show is reserved seating, so please get your tickets in advance. If anyone would like to hang a poster please get one from the desk. Also, if you can share the show info on social media that would be great!

There are 3 ways we are helping animals with our show:

  1. We are collecting specific items for our Pet Shop scenery to be donated to Woof2Hoof Rescue. There is also a dog at Woof2Hoof who needs surgery. We will have a donation box at the show to help Greyson.
  2. You can donate to the ASPCA for Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico when you purchase your tickets online!
  3. We will be collecting loose change for Joyful Rescues to sponsor a dog transport from a high kill shelter in Virginia. The cost is $500 and they spay and neuter the pups and put them up for adoption on the Joyful Rescues site.

Additional Details

  • Please check with your child’s teacher for make up and hair.
  • Tights for the show are in! You may get yours at the desk.
  • Movie creations will be video taping our show. Order forms are coming!
  • There will be morning classes on Saturday the 13th for the 3&4 year olds and 5&6 year olds. The other classes are cancelled for that day!

We encourage all of our students to come and watch the ballet to support the rest of the studio. We hope to see you there!

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to help us set up and tear down and to sit with our young dancers in the audience. Please sign up at the desk if you can help!

Costume Balances

There is a costume balance for most--we had to charge sales tax & shipping. Please check at the desk for your balances.


If Penfield Schools are closed, so are we! Please send a sweater for the younger dancers to wear if they get cold. With the sub zero temps we have a hard time keeping the waiting area warm, but the dance rooms are warm.

Globetrotters Are Coming!

  • We have been invited to perform at the pre-game show February 10th between 12:30-2:00 at the Blue Cross Arena!
  • Any dancers ages 6 & up who are taking jazz or hip hop we will be having 3 rehearsals Jan 14th, 21st, & 28th from 12:00-2:00.
  • Miss Stephanie and Miss Tanessa will be rehearsing you!
  • We may have a rehearsal the Sunday of Feb 4th.
  • We will be wearing red, white and blue tee shirts & shorts and ordering pom poms.
  • Every dancer and parent needs a ticket and they start at $21.50, plus the cost of the costume & a small rehearsal fee.
  • Please sign up at the desk before January 10th if you are interested.
  • We need 50 dancers & family in order to make this a go!


The jackets are coming this month! We are ordering from a new company and communication has been hard. Our graphic designer has moved to this company and we wanted to follow her as she does such a great job! Thanks for your patience.

Martin Luther King Day

We are open on this Monday!

“Be Our Guest”

Our June recitals are separated and we have done our best for families to be in the same show! A few classes have to dance in both so that families with multiple children can attend one! The classes in red are in both shows.

June 23rd

1:00 Show

  • Sat 3&4
  • Sat 5&6
  • Sat 6&7
  • Sat 7&8
  • Sat Pre teens & Hip Hop
  • Mon 3&4
  • Thurs 3&4
  • Mon 5&6
  • Tues/Fri Pre teens
  • Mon/Thurs/Fri Teens

5:00 Show

  • Thurs 5&6
  • Tues 7&8
  • Tues 8&9
  • Mon 5&6
  • Thurs Hip Hop
  • Fri Pre teens
  • Sat Pre Teen Hip Hop
  • Weds 3&4
  • Weds 5&6
  • Weds 7&8
  • Tues 5&6
  • Tues/Fri Pre Teens
  • Mon/Thurs/Fri teens

Thank you!

My staff and I would like to thank you for your generosity this holiday season! We wish you the best in 2018!

-Miss Patty