Patty Flowerday School of Dance & Fitness December News

Holiday Break

The studio will be closed Saturday December 22nd and reopen Wednesday January 2nd. Leads for “Under the Sea” will be rehearsing a few days during break. Miss Patty will let you know before the 15th. Please share any conflicts you may have!

We may also have another Mermaid Camp during the week between Christmas and New Year! We will keep you posted on the dry erase board!

Rochester Kettle Corn Fundraiser

We will be taking orders for the next two weeks for our fundraiser. Please have friends and family make their checks out to you and submit one check or cash with your order form if you choose to participate! You can earn 50% and the pick up will be at the studio on Thursday the 20th or Friday the 21st.


Will be ordered this month. Everyone has been measured and your costume deposits should have been paid. Your balance will be due in January and we will be letting you know what your balance is before December 15th.

Closing Due to Weather

If Penfield Schools close we close too! That way there is no confusion! Classes can be made up at your convenience for weather closings or illness.

Chilly Dancers

Please pack a sweater for your little dancers. They cannot wear their jackets in class but they can wear a sweater if they are cold.

Boot Trays

Parents and dancers are asked to please remove wet shoes and boots and put them in a boot tray, not in the cubbies! We want to keep our rug dry so that our dancers shoes remain dry. Wet shoes can mean a slip and fall for a dancer.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Tees, Hoodies & Jackets

Have been ordered and will be arriving by next week! We will put in a second order in February if anyone is interested!

Classes are Closed

We are cutting off registration for new students. We are only accepting new students in the following classes.

  • Monday 3&4 year class from 4:00-4:50

  • Saturday 5&6 year classes 10:00-10:50

  • Tuesday 6&7 year class from 6:00-6:50

Holiday Celebrations

Please wear your favorite holiday shirt or sweater December 15th-21st! If you bring a treat to share with your class please be aware we have a few students with peanut allergies.

Whatever Holiday you Celebrate

Our staff wishes you a wonderful time with your family!

We look forward to a wonderful 2019!

Happy New Year!