Patty Flowerday School of Dance

June News

Congratulations to all of our Seabreeze Dancers! You rocked! We hope our dance families had a wonderful, fun day in the park!

Business Ads

If anyone owns a business and would like to advertise in our recital program we hand out approximately 500 copies.

Full page $100

Half Page $50

1/3 page $25

One line love note $5

Your dancer should have their costume. If they have not gotten theirs please stop at the desk and leave your name with Lynne or your teacher. Please also let us know if you ave not received your tights! If you are getting a second pair please pay for them before you take them.


All account balances must be paid in full by June 10th! Our year ends with the recital and we need to close up our books then for our accounting purposes.

Tickets are on sale! They will go off sale online Thursday June 20th so get them before then to avoid the higher ticket price.

Please invite friends and family so that we can keep our recital fee low next year! Seats are reserved! If you have a dancer ages 3-6 that is only in 1 number they can sit in the audience with you! You must purchase a ticket next to one of these seats reserved for our dancers. All dancers need to line up in the hall for the finale 5 numbers before the end!

These are aisle seats reserved for your dancer.

Row A 1, 9,10, 19, 20, 28

Row B 1, 9,10,19, 20, 29

Row C 1, 10, 11, 20, 21, 30

Row D 1, 11, 12, 22, 23, 34

Row E 1, 13, 14, 24, 25, 27

Row F 1, 26, 38

Row G 1, 14, 15, 26, 27, 40

you can purchase your tickets online at

tickets will be $15 at the door!

Videos & Photography

Is strictly prohibited during the recital. This paragraph was taken from a dance teacher site online and this is very important information. We have a professional videographer shooting the whole show so there is no need for cell phones out during our show.

Your phone lights up the dark auditorium like the sun and we will have bouncers to enforce this rule.


Wanna lose faith in humanity really fast? Spend the day respectfully asking adults to stop recording during a recital.

Me: sir please stop recording during the show

Him(holding up his iPhone, screen open, in video mode): I’m not recording.

Me: Sir, I have an iPhone too. I know how they work. That time counter up top indicates you are in fact recording. There is no need to lie to me. Can you please be an adult and follow the rules?

I walk away with him still in view and he starts recording again. I return to his seat.

Me: Sir, I can still see you. Please stop recording.

Him: no

Me: I block his view and as nicely again

Him: keeps recording and insists he is not recording.

Me: 😑

Him: (stops recording again)

I walk away. He starts a third time.

Me(much louder in a deeper voice now): Sir, please stop recording.

Him: REALLY!?!?

Me: Yes. Really. I wouldn’t have asked you 3 times if I was kidding.

Him: 🤬

This is why your children don’t listen to you. Because you don’t listen to other adults yourself. Stop being so rude and inconsiderate.

To every cell phone user in the audience! Besides the fact we made an announcement not to film or take photos your behavior is distracting to other audience members who paid for their ticket too. You’re not special. You are recording (and sometimes posting on social media) other families children and that is not O. K. You are recording choreographers intellectual property without their permission. And; your actions (texting, playing toonblast, recording, emailing or otherwise) is a distraction to the performers who worked hard for the last 10 months. Plus, opening your phone in a dark theater is like turning on the sun! Your small screen is much much brighter than you think. This show has lighting. Your small screen is ruining the light show! Just stop!!! There are more reasons I can list but isn’t asking respectfully enough of a reason?

PS Even when you make believe you aren’t recording by holding your phone low and in front of your chest you are just as easy to see as someone holding there phone out in front of them 🤷🏽‍♂️

The humans are becoming hard and hard to live with 😳


My response was…

Patty Flowerday I will add to this post, there are pedophiles out there everywhere and our show is open to the public. So do you want these kind of people taking photos and video graphing your children so they can air brush and edit photos to their liking? I think our kids safety is the best reason to prohibit this.

There are video order forms at the desk. I have also emailed them. If you pre order it’s cheaper. Get the video of the show, your dancers will watch it for years to come!

Picture Day is Friday June 14th at Risen Christ 1000 Moseley Rd. You will pre order your photos online. Please arrive promptly and call ahead if you are running late. Online orders are due by the 10th!

Here is the schedule:

3:45-4:00 Tuesday 1:30 3&4 year olds Miss Patty

4:00-4:15 Monday 4:00 3&4 year olds Miss Patty

4:15-4:30 Friday 4:30-6:30 Ballet then Tap/Jazz Miss Patty

4:30-4:45 Thursday 4:30-6:00 Ballet then Tap/Jazz Miss Patty, Miss T & Miss Marcia

4:45-5:00 Monday 4:30-6:00 Ballet then Tap/Jazz Miss Patty & Miss Tanessa

5:00-5:15 Wednesday 5:00 5&6 year olds Miss Patty

5:15-5:30 Thursday 5:00 3&4 year olds Miss Patty

5:30-5:45 Tuesday 6:00 6&7 year olds Miss Patty & Miss Marcia

5:45-6:00 Saturday 10:00 5&6 year olds Miss Patty

6:00-6:15 Monday 4:30 5&6 year olds Miss Michelle

6:15-6:30 Saturday 9:30 3&4 year olds Miss Michelle

6:30-6:45 Saturday 8-10 year olds Miss Michelle & Miss Patty

6:45-7:00 Saturday 12:15 Hip Hop Mr Kenney

7:00-7:15 Tuesday 7&8 year olds Miss Patty, Miss T & Miss Marcia

7:15-7:30 Tuesday 9-11 year olds Miss Patty, Miss T & Miss Marcia

7:30-7:45 Tuesday 6:30 Hip Hop Miss Tanessa

7:45-9:00 In this order:

Older & Younger Leads

Thursday Hip Hop Mr Kenney

Monday Ballet Miss Stephanie

Monday Jazz Miss Patty

Monday/Thurs Lyrical & Tap Miss Patty

Tues/Thurs Ballet Miss Marcia

*Solos can squeeze in between groups.

A note from Jessica

Hi everyone!

Please make sure your order is placed by June 10, 2019.

You may place orders from your computer, phone or tablet.

All credit and debit cards are accepted.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at

There was a momentary problem with the form yesterday, but it is sorted!


Jess Kamens and Rich Paprocki


Our rehearsal for spacing is also at Risen Christ on Saturday 6/15. It is not a dress rehearsal. We will check all costumes and shoes at pictures. Your dancer has been given a time slot. If you are a lead or in more than one dance you will be required to stay longer. Please refer to your rehearsal email. There is a Lego Camp at Risen Christ if you bring younger siblings please keep them away from all the legos! They are not for our students to touch or play with.


All students are in a finale and are encouraged to stay until the end to participate.


You have received costume sheets and hair and make up instruction sheets. Stop at the desk if you have not.


Please make sure your dancer has the proper shoes (color & style) and that they fit and aren’t too small. If you need shoes you can order online.

PFS Dancewear Store

Is coming in July! We will offer tights, leotards, shoes, dance bags, make up and hair kits! We are very excited to add this to our studio space for your convenience! The shop will be open during studio hours.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any. We are here to make this experience enjoyable for you and your dancer.

Summer Camps & Classes

are filling, our summer class schedule is online and available at the desk.

Fall Schedule will be out next week and you can register early!

A Dog for Emily

Our bi-yearly ballet will be performed in November or December of 2019. Auditions for leads will be Monday July 8th. Leads will have to come in for solo and small group choreography over the summer months. Leads must be 8 & up.

Alice in Wonderland

Our 2020 recital auditions for leads will take place in September. Leads must be 8 & up.

Disney in Florida

Next year Dance Masters of America Nationals are in Disney in July. We are hoping to take a small group for the week for classes and fun!

We have also been invited to bring a show to Disney to perform at Disney. We may take excerpts from our ballet or our recital. More details will be available in our July newsletter. We will do extensive fundraising to raise funds to pay for most of this trip.

16 days unitil our show! Enjoy the ride!